Biologic leek plants:
Cultivate like nature
taught us.

Our mission? To inspire cultivators to grow sustainably and organically. With organic leek plants of Keizers quality, our customers provide healthier vegetables, healthier people and a healthier soil life.

Our focus?
Biological leek plants

We are Keizers Organic Plants: European market leader in the growth of biological leek plants. We want to inspire as many cultivators as possible to cultivate as nature taught us. To realize this, cultivators must be able to trust that organic plants are reliable, powerful and resilient. That’s why years ago we decided to focus 100% on one thing: growing world-class organic leek plants.

More about our plants

The best biological leek

We have been growing leeks since 1950. Since 2000 we have been growing 100% biological and since 2015 we even grow only biological outdoor leek plants. This allows us to devote all our attention to growing the best organic leek plants with a high growth potential.

Species and varieties

A good soil and good plant material are the two most important ingredients for a successful cultivation. We have extensive experience with the best and most reliable varieties from carefully selected seed companies. View our range of varieties.

Resistant leek plants

It is not only about the health of man and nature. It’s also about the financial security of growers, which is why we grow reliable and resilient organic leek plants. A vigorous Keizers plant is the basis for successful cultivation

Our approach

Cultivate like nature taught us

Take good care of nature and nature takes good care of you. That is our starting point. Everything starts with a living, fertile soil and high quality seed. But there is much more to it: from optimal crop care, to the weekly inspection of Naktuinbouw. Get to know our proven approach for the optimal cultivation of organic leek plants.