Our leek plants

Organic leek plants

We have over 70 years of experience growing leek plants for professional cultivators. And for the last twenty years we have been growing exclusively organically. In order to guarantee the best quality, our focus is 100% on organic leek plants.

A powerful Keizers plant is the basis for a healthy and high quality product

We grow organic leek plants of top quality, of both Dutch and foreign varieties. By growing in greenhouses, tunnels and outdoors we have extended delivery times from week 9 to 31. View our cultivation calendar here with the delivery times per variety.

This is how we cultivate Keizers quality:

♦ High quality organic seed
♦ Uniform and pure varieties
♦ High growth potential in each plant
♦ Cultivate on fertile, fit and living soil – our soil has been organic for 20+ years
♦ Plants with good rooting and free of diseases
♦ Organic and animal manure and control with natural enemies
♦ Performing the right actions at the right time

Your plants fresh and delivered on time

Quality is about more than just the plants. Quality is also about clear communication, expert advice, and punctual and fresh deliveries. If desired, we provide careful and cooled transport from the centrally located North Limburg in Europe.

We have gained extensive experience with dozens of varieties. Each variety grows best in its own season. The climate and soil type of your situation are also of great importance. In the cultivation calendar below you will find the planting and harvesting period of all our varieties.

Cultivation calendar

In our cultivation calendar you will find the planting and harvesting period of all the varieties we can supply. By growing in greenhouses, tunnels and outdoors we have extended delivery times* from week 9 to 31.

  • Morocco cultivation: week 9-15
  • Greenhouse cultivation: week 15-21
  • Tunnel cultivation: week 21-23
  • Outdoor cultivation: week 23-31

Is your preferred breed not listed? Feel free to contact us. If the variety of your choice meets our quality standards, we will gladly grow the plants for you. You can also download our growing calendar, click on the button below.


*This is an advice, no rights can be derived.


Are you looking for another variety? Or do you have another question? Feel free to contact us for free advice from one of our cultivation experts..

Order scheme bare root plants

Bare root indoor plants: Loose plants grown in the soil in the Netherlands (cold greenhouse and tunnel).
Bare root outdoor plants: Loose plants grown in the ground in the Netherlands.

Order scheme Seedlings

Marocco plants: Plants that are pulled from a tray, they are delivered as loose plants with root ball. Cultivated in Morocco.
Tray plants: Plants grown in tray 256, they are delivered in tray. Grown in the Netherlands (heated greenhouse).