About Keizers

Why Keizers Organic Plants?

In 1997 we became – to our knowledge – the first cultivator in Europe to grow organic outdoor leek plants on a large scale. Because we saw that things had to be done differently.

Nature has blessed us with a fertile soil on which thousands of species of edible plants grow. Millions of years of evolution have led to powerful, resilient and nutritious plants. Living nature is one big ecosystem in which everything works together in perfect harmony. But in the last hundred years we humans have interfered too much with our nature and its growth processes. We no longer work together with nature, but with chemical fertilizers and pesticides we disturb the balance of soil life and the environment. This breaks down humus and organic matter and makes the soil infertile in the long term.

Organic cultivation does not affect nature, but makes optimal use of the natural growth potential of the soil and plants. We are convinced that if you take good care of nature, nature will do the same for you. Because on a fertile, living soil you grow the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables.

We are the first and largest in Europe

We have been growing leeks for over 70 years. Since 2000 we have been growing 100% organic and since 2015 we even grow only organic outdoor leek plants. By guaranteeing organic leek plants of Keizers quality year in year out, we have grown to become the European market leader.

Organic vegetables: Healthy on all fronts

Since 2000, we have been growing 100% organic. And it is our mission to stimulate the cultivation ánd consumption of organic vegetables. With our organic leek plants, our customers provide a healthier soil life and healthier people. That’s because organic vegetables are healthier, more nutritious and tastier. But it’s not just about the health of consumers and our living environment. The financial health of growers is also important to us. Because they are the people that work hard every day to make sure the rest of the world has something to eat. Fortunately, the demand for organic vegetables increases every year.

You want to check if your leek plants are really sustainable organic? Make sure your leek plants have been grown by an EKO-certified company.

90 years of history

We are a family business of the third generation. In 1930 the farming Keizers was founded by Petran and Katrien Keizers. In 1959, son Thei and his wife Mia took over the company and shortly after that, the first greenhouses were built. Since 1990 Peter and Angeline Keizers are at the helm. In the nineties we became the first grower in Europe to cultivate organic leek plants on a large scale.

In the nineties the ambition grew to go fully organic. In 1997, Keizers became SKAL certified for the first time and from 2000 onwards we have been growing 100% organic. However, growing organic leek plants requires expertise and experience. In order to inspire as many growers as possible to make the switch to organic, the quality and reliability of the plants are extremely important. That is why since 2015 we have only been growing organic outdoor leek plants. The fact that growers have long opted for the Keizers’ quality of our plants is the best compliment we can get.


The strategy to grow into a European market leader was simple: The focus had to be 100% on organic leek plants.

The new generation

In 2019 it was time to transfer our experience and passion to a new generation of enthusiastic growers. Johan Tielen, Bart Kellenaers and Emiel Kusters joined the company. The threesome grew up between plants and they provide for a considerable boost of professional knowledge and organic cultivation experience. But that does not alter the fact that the coming years will be dominated by an intensive transfer of knowledge. Everything to guarantee the Keizers quality of our leek plants and to bring them to an even higher level. Peter, Emiel, Bart and Johan are determined to convince more and more growers that organic cultivation is the future.

The fact that cultivators have been opting for the Keizers quality of our plants for years is the best compliment we can get.