Our certificates

Our quality marks: Skal, NAK and EKO

When growing our organic leek plants, we take the environment into account as much as possible. But of course our leek plants cannot be called organic just like that. In order to be able to demonstrate that our leek plants are 100% sustainable organic, we have had ourselves certified by three institutions. With pride we carry quality marks: Skal, EKO and Naktuinbouw. Only growers who meet the strict requirements of organic cultivation are allowed to carry these quality marks. Do you want to be sure that your leek plants are truly organic? Buy them from an organization that is allowed to carry the following quality marks. On this page we explain what these quality marks mean and why we find them important.


We are Skal-certified

Organic cultivation of high-quality leek plants requires far-reaching knowledge about sowing, harvesting, crops, soil and environment. You can only call a product organic if the production process complies with legal requirements for organic cultivation. Skal is an independent certification body for the organic chain. On behalf of the government (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) Skal supervises compliance with the rules by means of an annual inspection, registration, monitoring and certification.

Skal checks whether companies comply with the organic EU regulation, the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act and the regulations of Skal Biocontrole..


Skal is committed to a reliable organic sector.

We are NAK-certified

The Stichting Nederlandse Algemene Kwaliteitsdienst Tuinbouw (Naktuinbouw) promotes and monitors the quality of products, processes and chains in the horticultural sector, focusing mainly on cultivation material, both nationally and internationally. Naktuinbouw is an independent administrative body and is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV). 

Naktuinbouw is the only organisation in the Netherlands authorised to assess varieties of vegetable, agricultural and ornamental plants for distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS-examination) for registration and/or for the acquisition of plant breeders’ rights.

Naktuinbouw assesses the distinctness, homogeneity and stability of our varieties.

We are EKO-certified

When you see products that carry the EKO-quality mark, you know that you are dealing with an entrepreneur who takes their products and processes one step further in making them more sustainable. All EKO-products are produced according to the European rules for organic farming.

For Keizers Organic Plants (formerly Keizers-Eko), the EKO Quality mark is very important. Not only does it show that we are doing good for our soil, our living environment and the climate, but it also proves that we are striving to become even more sustainable every day. By applying new insights and developments in our processes, our organic leek plants and our organization are becoming more and more sustainable.

Growers with the EKO-quality mark take it one step further.