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Keizers Eko becomes Keizers Organic Plants

Keizers Eko

Keizers Eko becomes Keizers Organic Plants. And with a new name comes a new look and feel and a new website. By adding Organic Plants to the Keizers brand, we want to make clear at a glance what we do and what we think is important: Cultivating organic plants of Keizers quality, as nature has taught us.

Keizers expands with Tielen, Kellenaers and Kusters
From 2019 on, Peter Keizers is transferring his experience and passion to a new generation of enthusiastic growers. Johan Tielen, Bart Kellenaers and Emiel Kusters joined the company. They all have green fingers and organic cultivation experience. The three grew up between plants. Together they bring decades of experience to the table and they give Keizers Organic Plants a big quality boost. In the coming years, the trio will work closely with Peter Keizers to learn the last tricks of organic leek plant cultivation. Everything to guarantee the quality of the leek plants and to bring them to an even higher level.